luni, 10 decembrie 2007

Leapsa - Interviu

Bogdan tagged me.

1. Male friend: Does my husband counts? Of course, always!
2. Female friend: Ligia
3. Vacation: Where?
4. Age: 28. (when I'll have 30 I'm sure I'll say best age is 30 and I can't imagine the joy of the 80's :)
5. Memory: short-term memory is the one that counts more, so I'm enjoying now the best moment.

1. Time of day: morning
2. Day of the week: Thursday (still no weekend yet?)
3. Food: seafood except all the straight fish I love. (example of yuch food: langoustine). And junk food also.
4. Memory: won't remember.

1. Person you saw: Iris
2. Person you talked to on the phone: Godmother
3. Hugged: Tyby
4. Text messaged: Iris
5: IM: Omu' legii

1. What did you do: work, apropotv, blog, read, work (Yes, I know it was sunday but work means party for a workaholic)
2. Who were you with: Iris
3. Bad/Good day: Great
4. Lose something: No, as far as I remember.
5. Fall out with someone: Always. With the same person. Deeper and deeper.

1. What are you doing now: mint rubbing
2. Today in general: mint rubbing/ work/ cooking/ mint rubbing/ work
3. Wearing: pyjamas (morning is when I wake up and when I go to sleep...)
4. What did you eat for lunch: yesterday, walleye
5. Better than yesterday: maybe

1. Is:Tuesday
2. Got any plans: I'll cook some vegetables, work and the rest is unknown. Maybe I'll make more plans during the day.
3. Getting Lucky: Always
4. Dislikes about tomorrow: How can I dislike something without knowing?
5. Do you have work: yes

1. Number: 7
2. Song: lots, right now in my head: Katie Melua-Nine Million Bicycles
3. Colour: black
4. Season: all with theirs specifics
5. State: Norway

1. With someone: Yes
2. Missing someone: Yes, Ligia
3. Mood: calm, beginng the day
4. Wanting: to finish this and go to work.

I know this is a very long tag and I don't want to force you, as not everyone has the mood to do it. So if you want it, take it.


Vlad spunea...

vroiam sa ti-o dau si eu :))